That thing they call christianity

Christians often say they are “saved.” By this they define their “christianness.”

I remember the  Revival Hymn video.

At one point Leonard Ravenhill asks:”If I was to ask you tonight if you were saved? Do you say, ‘Yes, I am saved.’ When? ‘Oh so and so preached, I got baptised and…’ Are you saved? What are you saved from, hell?

Are you saved from bitterness?
Are you saved from lust?
Are you saved from cheating?
Are you saved from lying?
Are you saved from bad manners?
Are you saved from rebellion against your parents?
Come on, what are you saved from?”

Later, Paris Reidhead is quoted:

“Until we find something like this:
‘Accept Jesus so you can go to Heaven, you don’t want to go to that old filthy, nasty, burning hell when there’s beautiful Heaven up there. Now come to Jesus so that you can go to Heaven.’
And the appeal could be as much to selfishness as a couple of men sitting in a coffee shop deciding they are going to rob a bank to get something for nothing.”

Paris Reidhead:

“I have talked with people that have no assurance of sins forgiven. They want to feel saved before they’re willing to commit themselves to Christ. But I believe that the only ones whom God actually witnesses by His Spirit are born of Him, are the people whether they say it or not, that come to Jesus Christ and say something like this: ‘Lord Jesus, I’m gonna obey You and love You and serve You and do what You want me to do as long as I live even if I go to hell at the end of the road simply because You are worthy to be loved, obeyed and served. And I’m not trying to make a deal with You.'”

Leonard Ravenhill finishes the video:

“The question isn’t were you challenged. The question is were you changed?”

What do we actually mean when we say we are “christian”? Whose cross was it that Jesus died on?

soli Deo gloria