The empty space next to our bed


We just put our daughter to bed. But for the first time, she’s in her own green room, and there’s just remnants in our room.

It’s strange how God changes your heart as a parent. Before your child entered the world, there was no space for her – in our hearts, our minds, our rooms. Tonight, that space seems so big, it’s as if God carved out this aching hole in our hearts just so that there’d be room to love one more person.

(I wonder – did he do the same thing before? Did he carve out a gap in our hearts so that we would love his Chosen-King Son, Jesus?)

So thanks be to God in Christ, who gives generous gifts such as this sweetly sleeping, previously screaming, adorable, growing-too-fast, 4 1/4 month old baby EW.


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  1. A big step to be sure. So grateful to watch you & Cheryl enjoy the special blessing you have in Eden.

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