Creativity for His glory – slings and things (Cheryl)

(W: Here are a few things that Cheryl has made in previous months. Really enjoy watching day by day how she’s using her time as a mum to image her Redeemer by getting stuck into creativity that serves others.  I asked her to describe a little bit about each item, since my knowledge of sewing so far is limited to opening my wallet and paying for craft materials.)

Pouch slings

Pouch sling E

This was E’s first sling (she’s 4 days old in this photo). Fabric was a  sage green floral-patterned synthetic.  She’s since outgrown it, but it was very helpful for those days my hands would be in pain just holding her head up.

Later I made a  black pouch sling sized to fit William.  The fabric is black broderie anglais…with *hearts*.  It’s seamed (sub-ideally) in about 3 spots. It was certainly useful in earlier days, though now E’s getting a bit heavy for any length of time using a one-shouldered sling.

Mei tai

Mei tai E

This was probably my first major sewing project (patterns, measurements, everything).

A mei tai (bei dai 背帶) is a baby carrier made from a square piece of fabric with straps on all four corners, and quite common in Asian cultures (“tie the baby on your back and keep working”).  Researched designs by  searching online, reading reports from mums using it, and scanning through websites selling them.

It’s now become my primary soft-structured baby carrier, and many a dinner’s completion has pivoted on this being functional. These days we have other ways to dealing with a grumpy baby, but this remains a very helpful option.  Love being able to carry her on trips out, and she’s comfortable enough in it to take naps too, which has been helpful.

The way it’s designed, you can use it to carry baby either on the front or back.


Onbuhimo / ring sling

An onbuhimo is the Japanese version of a baby carrier – the main difference between it and the mei tai is that it uses 2 rings instead of straps for the waist (like this website describes).

Onbuhimo William

Not until after I’d made the mei tai did I realise the waist strap that worked fine for me was too narrow for William.  I had already started to make the onbuhimo (for myself – hence the slightly floral, foliage themed front), and fortunately, since there are no waist straps, only very long shoulder straps, that would (when finally finished) fit William just fine.

(W: If Cheryl makes another one for me, I’d like a bulletproof vest look…)


 “[My heart’s desire is to] cling to Christ like a burr to a dress.” – Katharina von Bora