Creativity for his glory – cards and crafts (Cheryl)

(W: Here are a few things that Cheryl has made in previous months. Really enjoy watching day by day how she’s using her time as a mum to image her Redeemer by getting stuck into creativity that serves others.  I asked her to describe a little bit about each item, since my knowledge of sewing and crafts is limited to opening my wallet and paying for craft materials.)



Baby girl card  –  For Kat in celebration of the birth of her baby girl! These were lyrics from the Gaithers’ “Because He Lives“, sent me by one of our close friends a couple of days before I went into labour with Eden, and so a year later I wanted to share them with Kat. Nothing very spectacular here, typed up in word and printed and glued together (in haste) (with love). We rushed to the birthing unit – I hadn’t even written anything in the card until we got there, and I think I finished it a minute or two before David came out to take us to see his newly expanded family.


5th birthday butterfly card – For Charis’s  Disney princess birthday party. This would have been constructed in great haste in between hand-sewing a petticoat into the wee hours of the morning!  The background butterflies were drawn on in pink pencil, with pink pencil behind the big butterflies too. I then stuck wings cut out of card over top of the pencil wings. I would have done the background butterflies a bit darker pink if I had time/pencils. Some brown ribbon to finish it off.




David’s “coffee” birthday card –  I was admiring some coffee cup stain motifs on dribbble, and thought I’d attempt to do it for real. Actual coffee stains turned out too light on the paper, so I gave up on realism and mixed up purple acrylic instead. Incidentally, I was using a glass rim edge to make the stamp, and smashed the glass immediately afterwards (by accident). Ah, papercraft, a dangerous business.




Kat's Titus 2 card FrontMemory book  – We gave this to our dear sister and bride-to-be last year during her Titus 2/hens’ night. It had a number of pages, some blank, some with a bunch of photos of Kat and her then-husband-to-be David.

Guests were invited to write in the captions (e.g. speech bubbles above photos) as well as leave messages for Kat before she entered the world of married life.

Kat's Titus 2 Card reverse