I love how inquisitive our oldest daughter E  is at the moment. She’s one month shy of her 2nd birthday, yet every day surprises us with a new word she’s learnt, or a new question she asks.

Today at the supermarket (where she insists on carrying the basket herself, and getting a good upper-body workout in the process):

2014-04-08 16.02.06

E: Wasdat?
W: Chocolate.
E: Choclate. *smiles*

Another fun thing we do are question and answer games. We do fun ones like:

C: E, why do owls sleep during the day: because they’re..?
E: Notturnal!

As well as catechism questions:

W: Who made everything?
E: God.
W: How many gods are there?
E: One God.
W: How many persons are there in God?
E: Free puhsons.
W: Who are the persons in God?
E: Fazer, Sun, Holy Biwit. (though she often forgets the Son… gotta keep working on that one)

Or just general encouragement of reading her books:

2014-03-24 18.23.05

W: What’s in your book?
E: *picks up the book* Wesh-mesh abash-meyar… (she continues reading, even if what’s in front of her actually says “To” and “From”)

I also love it when she comes up to my office desk and asks to “type”. She has her own workstation as you can see here (on her keyboard so far is a star, a smiley face, a circle and a diamond):

2014-04-07 11.40.15

But by far our most cherished moments are when E  sings. She sings along to many of the hymns and songs that we put on during the day, to the point where she requests them using her own made-up callsigns, then joins in the singing (her words are getting there!).

Oh, may God grant her a curious mind throughout life!