Hebrew Aleph Bet Song and Vowel Song

Cheryl and I have just started learning Hebrew this year at SMBC. To keep things fun we’ve been using a variety of methods. We learned the Hebrew consonants using this song we found online (here’s us singing it): https://youtu.be/57ZRT1jHpl8 Then we came to the pointed vowels (they’re similar to pinyin in Chinese, but in dot/dash […]

Grapefruit cookies

Many months ago, the first shape for which E learnt the word was ‘circle’.  At breakfast one morning, she stared out of the window, pointed, and said ‘circle’.  And indeed there were: little spheres sprouting on the tree in our next-door neighbour’s garden. As the circles grew, so did E’s vocabulary.  Other words were added: tree, oranges, and eventually, as citrus spheres ripened […]

Creativity for his glory – even more cards (Cheryl)

(W: Here are a few things that Cheryl has made in previous months. Really enjoy watching day by day how she’s using her time to image her Redeemer by getting stuck into creativity that serves others. In contrast, my knowledge of sewing and crafts is limited to opening my wallet and paying for materials…) Custom-made […]


I love how inquisitive our oldest daughter E is at the moment. She’s one month shy of her 2nd birthday, yet every day surprises us with a new word she’s learnt, or a new question she asks. Today at the supermarket (where she insists on carrying the basket herself, and getting a good upper-body workout in […]

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