“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.” – Eccl 4:9

Welcome to the newest blog on the block – at least for the next  4.26 seconds.  Given that  is quoted to have indexed  over 133 million blogs since 1992, by the time I’ve finished this paragraph there’s likely another throng of people who’ve taken the plunge with the “publish” button.

So why join the rush? Well actually I’ve been blogging for about seven years now. It’s something I’ve enjoyed since I started. It’s also  been a valuable outlet and record of my ongoing regeneration since the most momentous event of my life: coming to know Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour.

Recently however, something almost as momentous happened – I got married to my best friend, lover, and sister-in-Christ. So the start of a brand-new covenant with my wife seemed like a good time to start a brand-new site we could both call our online home.

So what makes this  blog unique? Well, for one, this blog  will give you a glimpse of our life and various ministries – marriage and family, praise and prayer, music and worship  – that you can’t get anywhere else. You can track our triumphs and trials, and hear us describe how and why we live life as we do.

As a worship leader, I’ll use this space to share about what I learn and what God teaches me in serving the body of Christ  at  Howick Baptist Church.

As a visual artist, I’ll show you what I try to glorify God with using a Wacom tablet and pen.

As Aucklanders, we’ll share about what’s going on in this corner of the world, and what we’re thinking about.

Sometimes  it’ll be me  sharing something. Other times I’ll say something!  Regardless of whoever’s speaking, as the Lord wills, we hope that  what we say  edifies and builds you up (Eph 4:29).

Thanks for reading. Soli deo gloria (to God alone be glory)!

– William and Cheryl Chong

(To come: honeymoon report! STAND conference planning! much more!)