A blueprint for worship music part 2 – “… dwell in us richly…”

Last week I shared some thoughts on an important criteria we should apply when choosing and selecting music for worship services: that the music should be Christ-centered. This point, and the next few criteria, are all drawn from Colossians 3:16, a verse that specifically calls followers of Jesus to "let the word of Christ dwell [...]

A blueprint for worship music part 1 – “Let the Word of Christ…”

So last week I started unpacking my own convictions about worship music. In the first post, we set the scene by establishing the biblical basis for why we even have music at all in our worship: in a nutshell, it's simply because God tells us to (Col 3:16-17, Eph 5:19, Psalm 33:1, Psalm 150). One [...]

Preferences in worship music

Last night we had an HBC worship ministry tune-up night. It's an evening where our musicians, leaders, sound engineers and projector specialists -- and their families -- get together for a meal, to enjoy fellowship, sing together, have a short bible study, pray for each other, and in general encourage each other in the worship [...]

“Haere ra” to faithful, successful gospel workers

In our consumerist, results-driven world, it's easy for Christians to fall into the same mindset as the world regarding success in ministry. Bulging at the seams, super-slick everything, entertaining music, drama, inspiring speakers. I'd like to share an example that I know of a successful ministry. Twelve years ago, John and Mihyon Humphrey moved to [...]

Spring is coming

The song "Spring is Coming", by Steven Curtis Chapman, has been reverberating in my head, and it so happens to be the first day of spring (in the Southern Hemisphere). In this song, Chapman, who lost his adopted 5-year-old daughter in a tragic accident, sings about hope for those who've put their faith in the [...]

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