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Old Testament

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Systematic + Historical Theology


Sermons, seminars and talks from different settings.

Matthew 1 – The Promised King

Jonah 4 – Jonah’s Anger, God’s Compassion

Jonah’s Anger, God’s Compassion (Video + audio)

Ephesians – In Jesus Christ, We Are One Family

Favourite playlists

All the Earth Sings: Worship songs in the nations’ languages. “Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol Him, all you peoples!” (Ps 117:1)

“Among the Nations” by Badminton Road Music

Six songs to stir your heart for God’s glory among the nations (behind-the-scenes story here). Grab a copy to support the work of friends worldwide!

Sir Walter’s Mixtape: Some tunes from our college alumni and friends. Our former principal used to encourage us to enjoy God’s creation by making grass angels on the Sir Walter Buffalo grass.

P&P19: We capped off a magic final year in Sydney with an unforgettable night of praise and prayer.

#Grudem2020: New and retuned songs to accompany each chapter of Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology.