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Pakuranga, 2020.

G’day! We’re a Kiwi Asian couple who call Auckland, New Zealand home. On this blog we talk about marriage and family, prayer and praise, music and worship, bible and languages and anything else that piques our interest (and hopefully yours!).

William was born in Malaysia to Malaysian-Chinese and Taiwanese parents. He moved to New Zealand at the age of 9, and was introduced to Christianity as a 16 year old when someone took the time to sit down with him and explain the good news about Jesus. When he’s not pastoring his church family in Auckland, he’s a husband, dad, student, writer and musician. In his spare time he enjoys cycling with his kids, working on his crusty Chinese and complaining about Arsenal.

Cheryl was born in Melbourne, Australia to parents from Hong Kong, but grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. She loves God, and is enthusiastic about languages, gaming, and art in all its forms. She’s still an introvert, but since becoming a Christian, have become passionate about learning how to love (and speak to!) others and share the love of Jesus to a broken world. Her most immediate mission field are her four children, three of whom she home-schools.

E was born in May 2012, and enjoys reading books, cycling and hunting for mushrooms after the rain.

H was born in January 2014, and loves to sing and carry her baby sister around.

R was born in April 2016, and loves drawing planes and wishing he could fly in them again.

J was born in April 2020 during lockdown, and fills our days with joy, nappies and lots of spills!

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