John Mayer fans are rather frightening

I found this review of last night’s John Mayer concert in Auckland fascinating mainly because of the quote from the reviewer:

“John Mayer fans are rather frightening. Silence in the foyer, can’t tell if there is a gig on. Walk in to take our seats early – mostly so I could see if the crowd was alive. They were sitting quietly. Waiting. I felt like I was entering a Bible Group meeting. Not far off – just a different god to bow to I guess. A different form of worship.”

Anyone that went that would agree/disagree with that assessment? When does appreciation for a musician or music group morph into worship?



4 replies on “John Mayer fans are rather frightening”

  1. The audience was a bit quiet because of the seatplan they had. If everyone got up, then people behind couldn’t see. I think the event management should take the blame for this and opened the floor and have seating for the silver seats then the atmosphere would of been 100 times better.

  2. They were referring to the Wellington concert btw. The Auckland concert was pretty loud (also had a seating plan as well vs. standing) but everyone stood up anyway. I didn’t get a worship vibe from the concert personally / or feel like the crowd was remarkably different from the crowd of any other concert I’d been to. But yeah, they were fairly calm/mellow? 🙂

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