HBC service recap: 20 March

(Here’s a recap of the service and the songs we chose this past weekend at Howick Baptist Church. You can find links to the set lists of this church and many other churches each week at theworshipcommunity.com. You can also read through previous HBC service recaps here.)


Order of Service (20 March AM)

(worship leader: William Chong)


1. How Majestic – Mark Altrogge. A rollicking opening song which takes its imagery straight out of Psalm 8.
2. Come People of the Risen King – Keith & Kristyn Getty, Stuart Townend. We’ve itched to introduce this one to the church for ages, and so we did today. Took the time to sing through the first verse and chorus right through, before inviting the church to sing the whole thing – hopefully that gave folks a chance to get acquainted with the song.

Announcements, Pastoral Prayer

Reading: Psalm 17 (Hide Me in the Shadow of Your Wings)

3. God Moves – William Cowper, Bob Kauflin. This is a modern arrangement of a fantastic hymn by William Cowper. We introduced this song during the offering. To be honest, I’m not sure exactly how well the church picked it up, but I know I was encouraged by singing the words and reminding myself to trust in God, even “when tears are great and comforts few, we hope in mercies ever new”. Hopefully we’ll get to try it again another time and see.
4. Jesus Thank You – Pat Sczebel. I’d say the church sang this one the loudest. Jon taught us this one about a year ago and the song’s now firmly anchored in our church as a clear, gospel-declaring song we all love to sing.

Sermon: 1 Tim 3:14-16 – Peter gave a great message about the church as a pillar and buttress of the faith. I’ve still got a vivid picture of these fantastic metaphors in my head!

5. Great is the Gospel – William Vernon Higham. The words to this Welsh hymn draw largely from the same text that our pastor taught from, so it seemed like a natural fit. We got the singers together for a bit of close harmony accompanied by the piano.


– William