Off to Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) for year 2

We’re flying out this weekend to Christchurch for the Youth Leadership Conference. It’s been a year since we were introduced to this unique, week-long conference – where we learn to read and prepare a study from bible passage. It’s run by a network of (ed:  mostly) evangelical Anglicans (rare as hen’s teeth in Western countries!) and folks from all denominations, backgrounds and locations will converge on Christchurch for equipping, encouraging and a beneficial time away.

Last year we were in Strand 1, pulling apart a passage from the New Testament – this year we’re studying Strand 2:

While the format of the strand time is the same as in Strand 1, you’ll be given the tools to read and understand the Old Testament, and particularly how it points to, and finds it’s fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Doing Strand 2 not only helps you open up all of the bible, it also gives you a framework to see how all of God’s work in the world points to Jesus.

For updates from the conference, you’re welcome to follow us on Twitter, we’ll post when we’re able to using the hashtag #ylc2012.

Here’s a video from last year where about 15 people from our church went along.

Happy New Year everyone! (Will post a ‘Ear in Review soon – much to be thankful for this year!)


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  1. Hey William,
    Looking forward to catching up with you guys!

    p.s. the YLC committee has some non-Anglicans 🙂

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