The Falls Church Live Worship CD

Really enjoying this album so far. Well led by Jamie Brown and rest of the music teams, and a great sound from the church. Some thoughts in no particular order:

  • Loved the corporate reading of Psalm 150 to go with “Praise the Lord” – makes me wonder what other liturgical elements work well on a Sunday morning, would have been neat to include those elements in the recording too (transitions, leading comments from Jamie/others)
  • This is the first live worship music CD I’ve heard that pairs organ with contemporary band really well. The voicing is a mix between letting the organ shine in places “Praise My Soul the King of Heaven”, to very able “synth” sounds in other songs to add depth. Organ + band can definitely be done!
  • Very congregational keys for each song – Chris Tomlin copycats take note!
  • The mix highlights active congregational participation (singing, rhythmic clapping) really well. If there was a video recording I’d almost imagine joyful dancing too…
  • Really neat song choices – I know about half of them (mostly the Sovereign Grace ones) but was stirred to worship with all of them.

You can read about the Falls Church’s story here. Jamie Brown and the gifted musicians at TFC would be my go-to example of a large evangelical Anglican church doing sung worship with excellence and joy.