Thankful at the beach, all I have is Yours


It was such a peaceful evening at the beach yesterday.

I felt a fresh wave of thankfulness as we ate our fish and chips, watching the world go by.

I marvelled at the beauty of everything around me as we walked along the shore – the azureous sky, the balmy onshore wind, the waves at play.

I thought about the place we bought our dinner from, the takeaways that I grew up next to. I pondered on the boy I was while growing up there.

I remembered many of the sins of my youth which stubbornly cling to me even today. My propensity to lie and speak falsely. My sense of hurt when my way isn’t followed. Ultimately, my desire to elevate me above everyone else.


How did God transform me from self-absorbed music-obsessed child, into a husband and father, both for the Lord?

What did God do to my heart so that I would feel such love for the two ladies strolling ahead of me, rather than a love for my craft, gifts and possessions?

Is what’s been shown to me the same kindness that God meant when he said that “He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give all?” Or is it more than that?

Will I feel this same joy and gratitude on the day he takes everything from me? If in His severe kindness left me nothing but His Spirit to cling to Christ?

Perhaps God is discussing with the Accuser right now about what to afflict so that I might grow.

Would I be ready? Could I freely say that all I have is Yours?


“When I was chained to greed and pride,
Tight-fisted, destined just to die,
You paid my debt and bought my life —
All I have is Yours.