Video: Only Your Blood is Enough (Ukulele Cover)

Missed church with HBC yesterday due to being on lockdown from opthalmic shingles. I feel fine but the doctor (and Cheryl) both suggest not infecting other unsuspecting people with the chicken pox virus So instead of gathered worship, we sang a few hymns and I read some Valley of Vision, then worked out this song […]

Video: A Very Special Tent Here’s another round of Sunday morning ukulele (complete with Eden’s cameo as she picks up her own tent…) A few months ago our senior pastor was preaching through the passages in Exodus where God gives Moses instructions for building a tabernacle, so that a holy God can dwell among his people. Someone in church […]

I will stand on every promise of Your Word

AW Tozer once said that “after the Sacred Scriptures, the next best companion for the soul is a good hymnal.” For date night Cheryl and I spent some time adding songs to our fledgling family hymnal. We enjoyed researching the stories behind each song and then singing them together (Eden mostly babbled but we’ll get […]

Song recommendation: Holy/Wedding Day by The City Harmonic

I love how succinctly Canadian band The City Harmonic’s lyrics sum up the picture of marriage (to point to Jesus’s love for His Church) in that one sentence: This is the story of the Son of God hanging on a cross for me, But it ends with a bride and groom and a wedding by […]

Video: Oh, Paris! (Ukulele Cover)

Another ukulele experiment (this time with the whole family). We first came across the song while looking for tutorials on how to back wrap our baby. As you can see in the video, we managed to work out how to do it! Can’t say the lyrics to this Dent May song are that meaningful, […]

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