Book review: A Place At His Table

A Place at His Table: A Biblical Exploration of Faith, Sexuality, and the Kingdom of God. By Joel Hollier. Genre: Christian living / Social Issues Size: 232 pages, but didn’t feel dense. What’s the big idea: A same-sex attracted pastor and fellow bible college graduate, having imbibed in the new wave of academic literature arguing that the Bible […]

Unpacking Baptist Hui 2015

It’s been a couple of days since the 2015 Baptist Assembly/Hui, held from Thursday to Saturday in Tauranga, New Zealand. While there was a well-thought out and interesting programme around the theme “humility, unity and intimacy”, the key issue on the table was a discussion and vote regarding same-sex marriages on Friday 6 November. The outcome was that the […]

Something greater than marriage

Our home church (Howick Baptist) belongs to the Baptist Union of New Zealand. After our government’s decision to pass the Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Act 2013, the Baptist Union met at the 2013 Assembly to consider its position on the matter. The delegates voted to affirm the current position on same-sex marriage, and resolved to set up a working party […]

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