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Recently saw this online:  Proclaim Church Presentation Software announced today.

In their own words:

What happens when the pastor has images to input into the church presentation, the worship leader has new songs to add, and another member of the ministry team has a video to play during service — and it all is coming together just before your church service starts? In most cases the resulting sermon is pulled together quickly, with little planning, and does not give way to the best creativity. Often times the slideshow is built by the worship team followed by testing the gadgets by a mobile app testing service, which can make it difficult for the pastor, or other ministry leaders to easily get media in the presentation and in the right format with enough time for the worship team to plan well. And even when the technical problems have been solved, it takes too much time to prepare and format text for a screen.

Proclaim is a new kind of church presentation software designed to share the screen while making it super-easy to create a great looking presentation. Proclaim lets the worship leader, the pastor, the secretary, and anyone else you want, participate in building a unified presentation. Multiple people can work from home or the church on the same presentation. It’s cross platform, so it doesn’t matter if one person uses Windows while another uses a Mac. You can upload your own images, video, and text, and pastors can add text, photos, maps, and other media directly to a presentation while preparing a sermon. A built-in media store means anyone can add videos or graphics without worrying about file-formats and compatibility, while ensuring the whole team can review selected content before it is presented.

Smart-phone remote control allows any authorized user to view and control the presentation; the pastor, worship team, and AV tech can all follow and control the live presentation as necessary, with no awkward passing of remotes or running cables to secondary displays.

And the amazing new Signals enable you to connect and engage an audience carrying smart-phones and tablets.

Proclaim isn’t just another tool for putting song lyrics on the screen. Proclaim is a powerful new platform that helps you to use digital media in all parts of your worship service. With built-in designs, automatic text styling, and a cloud-based editor, Proclaim gets “technical difficulties” out of the way so you can focus on the message.

At first glance they’re promising something great – a cloud-based solution to the kaleidoscope of multimedia requirements for modern church services. We’re not the most fancy at HBC, but at a bare minimum we have the words to worship songs to project, Powerpoint teaching slides to display, video and audio to play, and lots more.

We currently use Easyworship 2009 as the main church presentation software, but it’s got its limitations.  So any solution that can help with this will definitely be worth checking out – will probably give it a try when it comes out.

– William

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  1. Proclaim will launch tomorrow via beta on their website Can’t wait to test it and see the pricing structure!

  2. I have downloaded this and the only way I could get it to work was to uninstall NET Framework 4 and its updates and go back to NET Framework 2.
    This has been a really big disappointment to me, and I have contacted them and let them know of the problem, but so far nothing.
    I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit with NET Framework 4.
    It does look like it should work with the newest OS and newest NET Framework version.
    I do hope they get this fixed soon.

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