Miscellaneous updates on life

Just a quick update on our life:

– We’re moving house in less than a week: no white picket fence (it’s brown) but still a massive blessing from God to be able to call a place our home!
– Marriage is still fun and so awesome. So glad to be with Cheryl for however long we get together!
– My favourite web developer (Cheryl) has started some work at www.twiik.co.nz. She loves what she is doing and really wants to practise working as unto the Lord (Col 3:23-24)!
– Also pretty busy putting together music for the Stand for the Gospel Conference our church is hosting in less than a month. You should register! There’s no registration fee, but only until the end of the month!
– In August we’ll be off to the States (our first trip there) for WorshipGod11, and to do a little sight-seeing. Well, that is, if the ash cloud lets us through!

– William