Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs – STAND 2011 set list

(Here’s a recap of the service and the songs we chose over the past weekends at  Howick Baptist Church. You can find links to the set lists of this church and many other churches each week at You can also read through  previous HBC service recaps here.)

I’ve spent the past weekend being involved in leading the music for the 2011 Stand for the Gospel conference hosted at our home church.

I wrote up a set list last year  and shared my reflections back then. So for a start I’ll put up the list of songs we sang this year.

It was a joy to lead the attendees in worshipping our Lord for His unsurpassed work of redemption, and standing firm in the gospel of our glorious God. Folks came from a variety of denominations and churches across New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Wales, and we had Geoff Thomas from Aberyswyth, Wales as the keynote speaker.

We hosted people from various church backgrounds and musical preferences – so our range of music was chosen to reflect that diversity. The music teams over the weekend ranged from a full praise band – complete with a brass section – to an a cappella mens groupleading in four-part harmony. Some criteria for the songs were: is it God-exalting? is it singable? is it congregational? is it edifying?

Many of the hymns we sang were public domain. We also used songs from/by Emu Music Australia, Chris Tomlin, Sovereign Grace Music, and the Getty/Townend songwriting duo.

The list of songs (with lyrics and audio/video examples where applicable) and messages are below. The opening message from Geoff in particular will give you an insight into Jesus that could only have come from a man who’s known Him all his life!


A Mighty Fortress (Covenant Life version) – lyrics, video
Come People of the Risen King – video
Jesus Messiah – lyrics, video (note: we did this in G instead of B)
1. Geoff Thomas – The Altogether Lovely One
Soli Deo Gloria (Sovereign Grace Music) –  lyrics

How Great Thou Art —  lyrics
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah – lyrics
Peace (Sovereign Grace Music; children’s choir item conducted by Mandy Fleener) – lyrics
Grace Greater Than Our Sin – lyrics
2. Geoff Thomas – The One Full of Joy
O Great God (Sovereign Grace Music) — lyrics

Glories of Calvary – video
By Faith – lyrics, video
Consider Christ (Emu Music; item sung by Janine Rye) – video
Jesus, Thank You (Sovereign Grace Music) – video
3. Geoff Thomas – The One Who Accomplished Redemption
Let Your Kingdom Come – lyrics

Everlasting (Brian Doerkson) – video
See What a Morning – lyrics
O Great God (item)
Glorious and Mighty – lyrics
All I Have Is Christ – lyricsvideo
Perfect But Painful (Emu Music; item sung by William Chong) – video
4. Peter Somervell – He is Able
In Christ Alone – lyrics

Here is Love (trad.) – lyrics
When Peace Like A River (It Is Well) – lyrics
I Hear the Saviour Say (Jesus Paid It All) – video
5. Geoff Thomas – The One Who Conquered Death
O Church Arise – lyrics


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  1. It’s cool to see your desire to use songs with great biblical lyrics to lead the people. And what a diverse group of people at the conference too. Did you find it hard planning and leading the many cultures that were there? I noticed you picked a lot of Sovereign Grace songs. I love their music and respect CJ Mahaney and Bob Kauflin a lot (follow Worship Matters Blog), but I feel like some of their songs are hard to learn because of how their syncopation is. Do you use it often? And how well do you think people learn their songs? I’m just curious.

  2. Hi Adam – I’m thankful to have a bunch of servant-hearted musicians to work with, so it makes planning and rehearsing easier as we’re willing to pit some time in to get the songs right for the leading a congregation.

    We do use quite a few from Sovereign Grace, the ones that are on this list are ones that our normal congregation have learnt well. you’re right that not all their songs are easy enough to pick up as a church due to complex rhythms and instrumentation – but I think the same can be said with songs written by other groups too.

    Thanks for your encouragement!

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