Web Curations (14 Feb)

Some online stops that caught my attention for more than a minute.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day around the world, I’ll include some heart-related stories…

Happy Valentine Day by Arlo MagicMan


Who was Valentine? – Mark Driscoll dives into some church history to answer the question:  “Who is Valentine and how did he come to be associated with everything from the color red to some secret known only by a woman named Victoria?”  … “As a pastor, he likely would have been mortified at much of what is done in the name of love to commemorate the day his head was chopped off because of his love for Jesus.”

Heart attack grill regular dies of a heart attack  –  John Alleman, who visited Las Vegas’ Heart Attack Grill every single day, suffered a coronary while waiting for a bus in front of the restaurant. He was 52. The store’s Quadruple Bypass Burger  contains 9,982 calories – that’s  41 700 kJ, or five times the recommended daily intake for adults!

Stop asking Jesus into your heart – An in-depth review of J.D. Greear’s book addressing the sinners prayer, and assurance in Christ. “Demanding a response, then, isn’t the problem. Any faithful proclamation of the gospel will call for a response, but it’s a call to faith, repentance, and the difficult road of discipleship–not merely to a prayer.”


Desire Like Dynamite  – Sandra McCracken releases her new album today. Some really punchy and thoughtful lyric-writing, and plus the songs sound good too!


Songs for Ash Wednesday – Jamie Brown gives song suggestions and tips for a Jesus-centred focus during the liturgical season of Lent: “If you’re choosing songs/leading worship for Ash Wednesday, or for a church that observes Lent, do all that you can to keep people’s eyes on God’s great grace, Jesus’ finished work, and the Holy Spirit’s indwelling presence.”

Leading Older Men

Six tips for leading men older than you – Ryan Williams gives good advice from the Bible. Helpful encouragement for those of us prone to bouts of young man’s disease.