Web curations: Music-related (24 June)

#Music Andrew WK breaks the world record for longest drum session in a retail store – His facial expression in the article’s photo is priceless! Spotify’s top anxiety-reducing tunes – Forget Philippians 4:6-8, here’s Spotify and anxiety psychologist Dr Becky Spelman’s 15-song playlist to calm the nerves (by being at 60 beats per minute, and […]

Web curations (23 May)

#Tech The audacious plan to end hunger – An article to make you consider what some of our meals might be like in 2050. A great exploration of a potentially life-giving use of 3D printing (as opposed to printing guns…) How I manage my social media presence – An instructive case study with marketing veteran Guy Kawasaki. […]

Web curations: techy stuff (6 May)

All techy stuff this morning… Alexander Graham Bell’s recorded voice heard 130 years on – This is a neat article showing how scientists coaxed his voice recording out of a wax-covered cardboard disc. The Book That Isn’t Really There: Digital Texts, Declining Discipleship – John Bombaro makes a strong case for favouring the physical book […]

Web curations (1 May)

#world 22 Unbelievably Beautiful Places - Helps to bring to mind the feeling of awe and wonder at God’s unparalleled creativity. Also neat to see the Tianzi Mountains (which inspired the helicopter scenes in Avatar), and Mount Roraima (as seen in Up!). Vatican City Explained – If you ever wanted to know how this tiny nation works. […]

Web curations (23 Apr)

#culture Being Black In China – Heather Greenwood Davis shares some reflections as a black family visiting China: “It was amusing at first. And then it wasn’t. We couldn’t concentrate on tours because of all the cameras pointed at us. We couldn’t walk quickly due to the crowds swarming us. We were grumpy. What we looked […]

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