Web curations (5 Mar)

Eye-catching online reads:

The Cola Truck by Martin Gommel  

How to make a can of Coke – What do you get when you use bauxite, cryolite, urethane acrylate, coca leaf, and kola nut?  Kevin Ashton explains how the world’s most popular soft drink comes together in an homage to technological progress, global supply chain, human ingenuity.

“A can of Coke is a product of our world entire and contains inventions that trace all the way back to the origins of our species… every can of Coke contains humanity’s choir.”

The Google Glass feature no one is talking about – Every new technology brings intended and unintended consequences. Mark Hurst cuts through the fan-boy excitement and points out the likely ramifications of equipping a smartphone and camera on everyone’s eyes.

“The most important Google Glass experience is  not  the user experience — it’s the experience of everyone else.  The experience of being a citizen, in public, is about to change…

Culture creep – It’s derided as a silly argument by most people, yet Andreé Seu Peterson highlights recent developments to warn of the possible progression of paedophilia from morally wrong into an alternative orientation – or as she terms it, “a journalistic slouching towards Gomorrah”.