Web curations (26 Mar)

ESV study bible in Jerusalem (crossway.org)


New ESV website – Crossway have finally updated the ESV bible website. It’s much improved. I still appreciate other sites like Biblia and Bible Gateway so I can compare different translations, but there are several features you can only purchase on the ESV website, including Study Bible notes, GreekTools, and other helps.

Five common rehearsal killers – Helpful thoughts by Jamie Brown on how to make better use of music practice times.

Seven tips to avoid miserable meetings – A similarly helpful article by Brian Howard for meetings (work, church, other contexts). (HT: @bobbygilles)

Would you support polyamory? Lisa Miller explains the struggle between Unitarian Universalists on an issue, with arguments that ring familiar bells amid today’s same-sex marriage debate. (HT: @challies)



ESV = evil satanic version  –  Tony-Allen proves without a shadow of a satirical doubt this bible translation is pure evil and CANNOT be trusted.

Who invented the moonwalk?  On 25 March 1983 (30 years ago), Michael Jackson catapulted into fame with a few seconds of shimmying backwards. Chris Willman traces the genesis of this move back to the 30’s and gives plenty of insight into the people that influenced MJ’s dancing.

US President skips lunch – President Obama couldn’t have lunch at a recent gathering because his food taster wasn’t present. I wonder what qualifications or connections you’d need to land that role…