Web curations (9 Apr)


Generation Why? A bit of a writeup on workplace tendencies for my age group (those born between 1982-2000). According to the experts interviewed, Gen Y workers:

  • tend to be highly self-reliant and have a high sense of self-worth
  • believe they’re more employable, have higher intentions to quit their current job, and display more job-switching behaviours
  • are praised more than ever before due to positive parenting, leading to an “addiction to affirmation that largely defines the generation”
  • are less aware of the need to learn the rules of work or pay homage to the existing work culture
  • lack humility (according to social trends specialist Jill Caldwell)

Others in the article argue that all of the above are actually valuable assets for working in fast-changing industries and startup settings.

How many New Zealanders believe in God? Some data from an online survey (taken Sep 2011). Interesting tidbits:

  • 61% of New Zealanders believe that there is ‘a God or some sort of universal spirit’, (well behind the 92% of Americans who said that they believed in God in a Gallup survey taken around the same time
  • 28% absolutely certain there is a God
  • 16% are absolutely certain there isn’t a God
  • 72% of women believe in God, compared with 52% of men.
  • 78% of us believe that Jesus was in fact a real person who lived 2000 years ago
  • 14% absolutely or fairly certain that it’s not true (I wonder how they came to that conclusion since he’s mentioned by several of his contemporaries in historical accounts)


The well can’t run dry – Andrew Peterson (one of our favourite songwriters) on plumbing the depths of the gospel to tell truth as beautifully as he can.

No more silence – Rachel Held Evans interviews Boz Tchividjian, who specialises in helping churches correctly handle sexual abuse cases. The church needs to be equipped to care for the most vulnerable in our family.


A eulogy for LucasArts – Disney recently bought over the Star Wars franchise, and have now shuttered the LucasArts computer games division. I remember as a child being happily engrossed in games like “Curse of Monkey Island” and all the Star Wars-based games, and flying around with very blocky-looking X-Wings and TIE fighters.

Gamifying town planning – Auckland Council has a pretty good interactive site to help understand changes to their draft unitary plan:

Gamifying the gospel – This is an early build of a game aimed at 10-14 year olds being designed by a small NZ team called 2ndCity studios, whose About Page states:

“The goal is for the game to be an effective gateway for young people to delve into the Bible, as a story they can interact with, and discover God’s purposes for His creation. Such discoveries are made as players gain an understanding of the Bible and it’s stories, and seek to apply them within the game and in their own world.”

It’s a project being supported by PSSM to replace their Bible Discovery materials.

Game Build Promo from 2ndcitystudios on Vimeo.