Web curations: Boston Marathon explosions (16 Apr)

(More to come, I’m sure, of this terrible tragedy)

Carson Khan:

By now, you’ve surely heard the horrific accounts of twin explosions at the 2013 Boston Marathon. As of 9:30 EDT, what is known is this: at 2:50pm, two improvised explosive devices containing ball-bearings were detonated in an act of terrorism near the finish of line of the Boston Marathon. The blasts injured 141+ runners, and sadly, claimed the lives of at at least three people… including an eight-year-old boy.


The Boston Globe received a video of the explosion occuring (warning: no blood but it’s still graphic):

Where it occured:
2013 Boston Marathon bombings map

One Photographer’s Eyewitness Account – John Tlumacki was the marathon photographer for the Boston Globe.

A “Live-Tweeted Disaster” – Nick Statt reports on how Twitter “remains an unparalleled source of breaking news and first-hand accounts – not to mention media criticism of news outlets that jumped ahead of the facts in their reporting.”