On hymns, roots and wings – upcoming STAND 2013 seminar

STAND for the Gospel, a weekend conference hosted by my home church, is a highlight for me each year as I get the chance to serve and build relationships with men and women from across NZ (and overseas) who share a common love for Jesus.

This year it’s only $30 (I pay for more dinner for my family some nights!) for a weekend’s worth of fantastic teaching, new and strengthened gospel friendships, and wonderful times of gathered worship.

This was posted on the STAND conference website yesterday:

William Chong - leading singing

On Saturday morning and afternoon, STAND 2013 attendees will get the chance to participate in two out of six different seminar sessions.  We previously had  Costa  and  Rob  share a bit about what they’ll be talking about in their afternoon seminars.

This year, William Chong will be leading the third afternoon workshop, titled “Hymns: Roots and Wings for the Next Generation”.

In the rest of the interview I share a bit about how I became a Christian, and about what I hope to explore during the seminar session.

You can read the full post here.