Smart storytelling, five reactions to Palm Sunday

(This article first appeared on TGC Australia: It’s one thing to have a COVID vaccine available. It’s another matter to convince people to get one. That’s why governments around the world have launched million-dollar ad campaigns to encourage their citizens to get vaccinated. As a former copywriter, I’ve been fascinated by how campaigns around […]

Finding Linda kakak

One of my favourite moments from 2019 was finding Linda kakak. My siblings and I grew up in a middle-class Malaysian Chinese family. My memories are hazy, but Linda was always part of our household. We called her kakak (big sister). Officially she was hired as a house help. But Linda did more than help […]

Tenebrae, online Watch our lockdown version of a Tenebrae service here: Tenebrae means “darkness” or “shadows”. As an experiement, I read through the events surrounding Jesus’s final few hours with some dear friends from around the world. Come and pause from all the chaos, hear Jesus’s last words before He died, and reflect on the […]

Remember – Praise & Prayer 2019 – Set List

A few months ago, I had the privilege of putting together a college-wide prayer and praise night. In the midst of studies and essays and assignments, it was good to set aside an evening to pray, sing, read scripture, and enjoy God’s presence among His gathered people. The theme of this year’s worship night was […]

Five new songs to cultivate a mission-minded church

Recently a friend asked me if there were any good congregational songs that specifically focus on global missions. In God’s timing, the music team at SMBC have just finished serving at our biennial Missions Conference. (The theme was “A Heart for the Lost”, we were challenged with six talks by Tim Chester from the book […]

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