For a long time I had wanted to make meaningful colouring pages that don’t only entertain or beautify, but specifically help elucidate and synthesise the truths of scripture. I’d played with the idea for years between kids and homeschool but never could justify doing it properly (although I did learn a lot about inking, lettering and layout in the process). At our church we’ve started providing colouring pages for our kids, and there are many available online for free. However we also don’t skip the awkward parts of scripture, and some of the passages we’ve been covering are really not very popular as kids colouring pages! So I’ve jumped at the chance to draw some myself and thought I’d put them up to download as well.

These are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA (use anywhere non-commercially but attribute, remix but share under the same license). Also if you use these please leave a comment! It’s helpful and encouraging to know if anyone uses them and how they’re being used.