Trello helps to organise my life

If you’re into your smartphones and tech savvy but struggling with real world organisation, let me recommend Trello to you. Trello (accessible via any web browser, or using native iOS and Android apps) that lets your organise anything collaboratively. What I’ve really appreciated is that the designers (Fog Creek Software) have made it really easy […]

Family matters: pizzas and gospel glue

Saturday On Saturday, had a wonderful day making pizzas with a family from church. I recently helped Cheryl to buy a breadmaker via work’s staff purchasing list (FPH have some sort of deal with Panasonic where we can buy their products for below retail, contact me if you’d like to see their catalogue). The funny thing […]

Round the Bays on four feet

Enjoyed a weekend of unhurried, intentional family time this weekend. The highlight was trudging from Quay St on the waterfront in town all the way to St Heliers for the Auckland Round the Bays fun run/walk. Despite the overexcited More FM announcers, the Army cannon’s starting gun, Eden fell asleep about 15 minutes before the […]

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