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Trello helps to organise my life

If you’re into your smartphones and tech savvy but struggling with real world organisation, let me recommend Trello to you.

Trello (accessible via any web browser, or using native iOS and Android apps) that lets your organise anything collaboratively. What I’ve really appreciated is that the designers (Fog Creek Software) have made it really easy to navigate and use.

You get to create “boards” (eg Kitchen recipes), and lists (eg baking), then add “cards” that can store text, checklists, have attachments like photos and stuff. You can forward an email to your Trello account and it will show up as a new card (keeping the contents of your email, including attachments). It feels like a digital pinboard that’s less girly with more functionality than Pinterest.

And also, it doesn’t box you in on how to use the app. We’ve used it in a variety of ways, including:

  • Keep track of our groceries (Cheryl unchecks anything we need to buy, and then on the way from work I can buy it, ticking it off as I pick something up)
  • Plan our upcoming holiday (we listed different flight options and compared them side by side, listed what needed doing before the trip, and created a checklist for what luggage to pack)
  • List suggestions for what to go in our family hymn book, and to keep track on how many we have still to add!
  • Keep track of our personal and family bible reading, and people/things to pray for
  • Discuss and prioritise what home projects and purchases to do next (each card has a comments thread and you can mention others in a discussion a là Twitter)
  • Plan set lists for worship services and organise church conferences

If Trello was around before we got married I am sure we could have used it to plan the wedding too! I have also read on how others use it for creative storyboarding, keeping track of Scripture memorisation, and freelance projects, and so on.

I use Trello often enough that it has largely replaced Evernote in my workflow (I will use email or another format for note-taking).

So thankful for helpful tools to bring some order out of our chaotic lives!


And her first word is…

Cheryl tells me that tonight while waiting in the car for me to grab some stuff at my dad’s house, E saw me walk past, Cheryl said “dada”, and E saw me and replied “dada”… and this happened several times 🙂

Family matters: pizzas and gospel glue


On Saturday, had a wonderful day making pizzas with a family from church. I recently helped Cheryl to buy a breadmaker via work’s staff purchasing list (FPH have some sort of deal with Panasonic where we can buy their products for below retail, contact me if you’d like to see their catalogue). The funny thing is, so far she’s made bread with it just once. The rest of the time we have enjoyed things like croissants, and several well-formed pizza bases. So we had a go had making pizzas, the Waltzes had four children who enjoyed designing their own flavour/topping combinations:

Pizzas 30-6-2013

E did have some pizza but she is getting into lots of other foods too. Here she’s got a pear in hand…

Eden 29-06-13

In between her naps, Cheryl got the chance to chat and learn from Kelli, who is doing such a good job at raising and nurturing four really well-behaved, book-loving children.

We hit the local playground afterwards. Since she turned 1, E’s developed a newfound appreciation for the playground (won’t be long till she asks me to take her there!) She likes the swing and the see-saw.


Sunday we had a wonderful morning of gathered worship. Peter preached an encouraging message on finding true joy in difficult times, something I really needed to hear right then. I led the singing and we sang all hymns from a range of sources. The church seem to have picked up two Indelible Grace songs very well,  Psalm 130 (From the Depths of Woe) and Jesus I My Cross Have Taken. To top it all off, we then enjoyed a steamboat lunch with the young adults, what a blessing!

Eden up the staircase

In fact, right through the past week God has really blessed us. Cheryl’s pregnancy-related nausea etc. has been manageable, E has been eating and sleeping well, we had dinner with our favourite brother-in-law and sister 3(!) times (where E learned to climb their stairs), and got to enjoy time with other family and friends. Once again, I’m reminded that the gospel is such a potent glue to bind deep, meaningful friendships together.

Round the Bays on four feet


Enjoyed a weekend of unhurried, intentional family time this weekend. The highlight was trudging from Quay St on the waterfront in town all the way to St Heliers for the Auckland Round the Bays fun run/walk.


Despite the overexcited More FM announcers, the Army cannon’s starting gun, Eden fell asleep about 15 minutes before the race started until about half an hour into the race.


Was quite amusing to watch Eden strapped on Cheryl’s back munching on a cheese stick as we walked eastwards. She’s still unable to walk so got the benefit of being carried all the way.


At times the size of the crowd (estimated at between 40-70,000 this year) made me wonder what it would have been like for an entire nation of 1-2 million Israelites to mass migrate from Egypt to Canaan.

Once we got to the end, we headed to Madills Farm Reserve. My company put on a pretty impressive lunch under a big marquee. We enjoyed eating together and also getting to know a few colleagues better.

Maybe we can do more walking as a family with this experience under our belts!


“And this is love, that we walk according to his commandments; this is the commandment, just as you have heard from the beginning, so that you should walk in it.” – 2 John 1:6