an often remarkable and haunting beauty

I like this definition of a hymn: Hymnologist Erik Routley once defined hymns as “songs for unmusical people to sing together . . . [and] such poetry as unliterary people can utter together.” At first, this might seem to exult in the lack of artistry. But Routley was actually writing to appreciate the remarkable skill […]

Would we not give earth’s fairest toys away?

Some words to pause amid life’s fleeting pursuits,and reflect beyond the grave. Sometimes amid the hurry, toil and strife, The claims, the urgencies, the whirl of life; The soul, perhaps in silence of the night — Has flashes — transient intervals of light. When things to come, without a shade of doubt. In terrible reality […]

Redefining the term “hymnal”

Quite a thought-provoking opening paragraph (and rest of article) from WLMag’s Feb issue: “Worship leaders are hymnal editors. Whoever chooses the people’s song for their congregation is not only a hymnal editor but also is a primary shaper of the way their congregation understands and expresses faith.” – C Michael Lawn The author never gives […]

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