Do you need to turn away from sin in order to come to Christ?

Question: “Do you need to turn away from sin in order to come to Christ?” Have a think about it. After all, if: God saves his people by grace in Christ…God’s people are those who turn away from sin…Can we then say “to become a Christian, you need to turn away from your sins?” In […]

The gospel is for Christians too

Everyone likes Charlie* at church. He’s a bubbly guy, all kinds of fun, and always has something helpful to share from the Bible. But those close to him know he has serious anger issues. If you disagree with him, he’ll tear you apart. And Charlie knows it’s a problem. He’s tried counselling, he’s tried anger […]

So no one told you life was gonna be this way

What does the Friends theme song sound like in a minor key? That’s what Youtuber Chase Holfelder tried to find out when he covered The Rembrandts’s 90’s classic, “I’ll Be There For You”: It’s telling how a few musical tweaks can shift a song’s mood entirely. After all, your job’s a joke; you’re […]

You can’t live on Xmas leftovers forever (so start a Bible reading plan)

What’s one of the best things about a Christmas feast? Not having to cook for days. All that effort braving the supermarkets, glazing the ham, stuffing the turkey – it’s worth it when you can just lay on the ham sandwiches meal after meal. Living on Xmas leftovers: what a life. But eventually you have […]

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