Off to WorshipGod 11 Conference in the USA


Tomorrow, both of us will be flying off to the States for the very first time in our lives! We will be attending WorshipGod 11, a worship music conference hosted by Sovereign Grace Ministries in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Hope to share more about our travels soon!


Update: here’s the full series of our time in the USA.
Part 1: Fly, land, drive
Part 2: train, jam, steak
Part 3: sing, meet, glory
Part 4: rehearse, seminars, NZ connection, Thabiti
Part 5: edify, songwrite, organise, gather live
Part 6: mission-focused meetings, instrument shopping
Part 7: Covenant Life, tears, crepes and goodbyes, Giant groceries

– Cheryl and William

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