Web Curations (7 Feb)

Some online stops that caught my attention for more than a minute:


Fred Phelp’s granddaughter leaves Westboro Baptist   – Could God change the heart of a Westboro “heiress of hate”? Fascinating account of how someone leaves a cult.

Should we cheer for God? Barnabas Piper: “Does a groom pump his fist and jump around when his bride first appears at the back of the church? Does a first time father let out a primal yell when he is handed his minutes-old baby? When my wife comes around the corner and I’m struck again by how beautiful she is do I applaud and whoop my appreciation? No, the deepest emotions, the strongest joys are not released in the loudest ways. They render us speechless, tearful, grinning uncontrollably, weak-kneed, overwhelmed – and often all of these at once.”

How long does it take to read the Bible? – Use this site to work out a realistic goal for your Bible reading. Crafted by John Dyer, who talks more about how he made the minisite here.


Cutshop – Hopefully these guys can help me with getting some melamine boards cut. Although it uses Flash, the frontpage animation explains the entire process in less than a minute. Very clear!