Web Curations (12 Feb)

Some online stops that caught my attention for more than a minute:


The Sun Has Set

Steve Webel via Compfight

China’s Reforming Churches“Whatever the number comes to, this much is clear: “more people go to church on Sunday in China than in the whole of Europe.“” An encouraging two-article essay on the spread of Christianity in China by Bruce Bagus. (Part 2 is here)

WorshipGod 2013 – Cheryl and I went to the previous conference (you can read about our experience here) and it was a really rewarding and refreshing time. Unfortunately we can’t make it this time due to other commitments, but hope others can go and benefit!

Pope Benedict resigns – What’s next for the Catholic church? Hope it doesn’t play out like a Dan Brown novel…

What’s the greatest of all Protestant “heresies”? Sinclair Ferguson gives a short history lesson, and encourages us to look only to Jesus for this “heresy”!


Has Volkswagen discovered the carmaker’s Holy Grail?  Since I started working for a high-volume manufacturing company, articles like this have become really fascinating. Regardless of the specific industry, developing modular platforms for one’s field of work has become increasingly important in an age of mass fragmentation and razor-thin profit margins.


Les Miserables Flash Mob  – Must be some talented guests at this couple’s wedding…