Web curations (16 Feb)

Catching the eye recently:

EXIT by Elvin


Top 10 reasons our kids leave the church – Marc5solas points out (in a post that’s gone viral):  “If church is simply a place to learn life-application principals to achieve a better life in community… you don’t need a crucified Jesus for that. Why would they get up early on a Sunday and watch a cheap knockoff of the entertainment venue they went to the night before? The middle-aged pastor trying desperately to be “relevant” to them would be a comical cliché if the effect weren’t so devastating. As we jettisoned the gospel, our students are never hit with the full impact of the law, their sin before God, and their desperate need for the atoning work of Christ. Now THAT is relevant, THAT is authentic, and THAT is something the world cannot offer.”

Who put the 3:16 in John 3:16? – A primer on the history behind how we got our verses in the Bible.


Rapping the gospel in one minute – Delivered by Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist Lecrae (who recently headlined at the Parachute festival).


An emotional return to my childhood home – Conrad Mbewe: “If those bricks and timbers could speak, I wonder what they would have told me last Tuesday afternoon?” I love reading thoughts like this by pastors. Sure, Conrad explaining the Bible and discussing culture and worldview issues is most helpful. But I also appreciate the glimpses and reflections of normal everyday life (kinda like when Peter or Joe illustrate a sermon point by referring to a personal anecdote).


[youtube http://youtu.be/QLQd9mGujj8]

Malaysian English – I grew up speaking this wild, hilarious and hard-to-understand dialect of English. Also can!