Web Curations (19 Feb)

Stuff that I read and thought about.

Jeremy Rore with chatter ring, 1996


The history of chatter rings  – Did you know chatter rings as we know them were a NZ invention? This was the must-have toy when I was in primary school, and I remember they sold for up to $15 each at the peak of the chatter ring craze (now more commonly found in basements, garage sales and op-shops…)


Stopping church-killing gossip – I’ve been guilty many times of the gossiping thinly veiled as prayer requests. Justin shares some helpful questions to ask when tempted to sin in this way, and challenges every Christian to tackle one of the most respectable sins in church circles.

“For lack of wood the fire goes out, and where there is no whisperer, quarrelling ceases.” – Proverbs 26:20

Preaching that cuts to the heart – Tim Keller pushes back on those who point to his preaching style as an example of “cultural engagement”, arguing rather: “You might be surprised to hear me say that my use of cultural references is actually part of my effort to reach the  heart.”


[vimeo 56902953 w=500 h=281]

BRAVE from EyEFORcE on Vimeo.

Tommy Carroll has been blind since 2. He’s also a much better skateboarder than me. It’s amazing how God gives people the ability to adapt to some disabilities.