Don’t be afraid to take Mary as your wife?

Note: An adapted version of this article is published at A common understanding of Joseph’s dilemma when he discovers Mary is pregnant is that it puts him in two minds about whether or not to go ahead with marrying her. We usually read Matthew 1:19 through modern lenses and suppose Joseph here is wondering […]

Finding Linda kakak

One of my favourite moments from 2019 was finding Linda kakak. My siblings and I grew up in a middle-class Malaysian Chinese family. My memories are hazy, but Linda was always part of our household. We called her kakak (big sister). Officially she was hired as a house help. But Linda did more than help […]

10 years on: our marriage and ministry

It’s hard to believe that we began this blog 10 years ago! Much has changed but God’s faithfulness hasn’t. We’re writing this amidst a COVID-19 resurgence in Auckland, and chaos and sorrow elsewhere in the world. We started this blog as newlyweds – 10 years on, we’re still happily married with four little wingfeathers to […]

Life in the shape (μορφή) of Christ

Our home church in Howick began preaching through Paul’s letter to the Philippians through lockdown. Reading it through, I’ve been struck afresh at how often Paul talks about form, likeness and imitation as part and parcel of the Christian life. In particular, there’s a beautiful thread that emerges when you follow where the lexeme (word […]

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