Thoughts on producing Badminton Road’s first EP

It was nearly a year ago when I had the privilege of leading the band for our College Graduation service. Most of us had sung and played before with each other during chapels and conferences. Apart from serving together at college, we’d have not much in common! But when we ran through this arrangement of […]

What does the CCLI licence cover?

This is a helpful infographic from CCLI (the largest copyright administrators for over 300,000 Christian worship songs). Simply put, if you have a CCLI Licence for your church, you can legally do the following: Project song lyrics for use in congregational singing (using graphics, slides, etc.) Create your own customised songbooks or hymnals for use […]

Album review: Songs from the Book of Luke

TGC’s first album, “Songs for the Book of Luke” was released yesterday and is being unashamedly marketed far and wide on the conservative-reformed web as I write this. Here’s my thoughts after listening to the album: I’m thankful that so many people are captured by a vision to sing “songs about the glory of God […]

Video: Jesus Your Blood and Righteousness

Loved singing this arrangement by Ruth Buchanan when we were at YLC (now called Equip Conference). Strangely enough, after searching everywhere, we couldn’t find a recording of it, nor any sheet music to help. So we made our own – just me and a guitar (and Cheryl humming in the background).   Hopefully it’ll be […]

Letting the Gospel Shape our Gathered Worship (preview)

  In the midst of serving my family (two leading ladies), work (gracious employer) and church family (at Howick Baptist), I’m also excited to be planning the worship music for the upcoming Stand for the Gospel conference that our church is hosting. I’ve had the opportunity to do this for the past two years (2010 […]

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