Greek gems from the Sermon on the Mount

We’ve just finished a six-part series on the Sermon on the Mount at our church. No one told me how daunting it would be to scale the heights of Jesus’s words! But it’s been so good for my soul to chew on them these past weeks and to journey through them with our church family. […]

“The Social Dilemma” Dilemma

Cheryl and I finally broke our No-Netflix policy in our household last Friday night to check out The Social Dilemma. It’s a docudrama filled with former employees of big tech companies confessing their involvement in shaping how tech giants like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others operate today. In a nutshell, they warn us: social […]

Tenebrae, online Watch our lockdown version of a Tenebrae service here: Tenebrae means “darkness” or “shadows”. As an experiement, I read through the events surrounding Jesus’s final few hours with some dear friends from around the world. Come and pause from all the chaos, hear Jesus’s last words before He died, and reflect on the […]

Review: Life Explored by CE Ministries

  Summary: Life Explored by CE Ministries is ambitious, compelling, well-produced and divisive. It accurately presents the Bible’s grand narrative of humanity’s age-old longing for happiness, found most fully in the unsearchable riches of God Himself in Jesus Christ. The combination of engaging preaching, high-quality film-making, and discussion-based relationships combine to effectively transform the hearts of 21st-century men and women, […]

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