The Richardsons and family worship (interview)

Series introduction: Family worship doesn’t save; only Jesus can do that. But I’m convinced that the practice of coming together as a family to worship God in the home is sorely needed in our homes today. Because there’s no specific to-do list in the Bible about family worship, I’ve struggled this year to work out what it looks […]

You’re not a zombie anymore!

I enjoy reading what dead guys have written, but there’s some things that are explained uniquely by the pastors and theologians of this generation. In Chapter 3 of “Faithmapping”, Daniel Montgomery and Mike Cosper combine to deftly explain and illustrate why the grace that saves Christians motivates them to live holy lives: Paul asks the […]

Quotable: So often worship in our modern day is like…

Kevin Twit, on comparing what we sing in gathered worship with what we say at weddings: “If all you’re singing and ever saying back to God is you want to do, and you’re never focusing on what He’s done and what He promises to do, I think ultimately your worship will be impoverished and your […]

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