What’s your top tip for a spiritually beneficial lockdown?

(Picture credit: @vide.design) Yesterday we had the privilege of Sam Cutforth (friend, fellow college graduate and Associate Pastor at Howick Baptist) “visit” our church family to preach Ephesians 2:1-10. Amidst the madness of a sudden Level 3 lockdown and half our members trapped outside Auckland due to roadblocks, God was kind and we still managed […]

Remember His Fatherly love

There are two kinds of relationships in the world: transactional, and covenant. Here’s some examples of transactional relationships: I give you a burger because you gave me some moneyI’ll do work for you because you give me a salary or a feeI subscribe to my favourite Youtuber because they offer regular content that I like […]

Another reception history article on Job

In the second COVID-19 volume from the Stimulus journal, there’s another interesting article on Job and reception history. Nicholas List (postgrad student at Otago and intern at Grace Bible Church in Dunedin) dives into early church writers’ extracanonical interpretations of the book of Job for some insights on how to grapple with suffering in our […]

Lockdown thoughts from Job 7:1-21

Day thirteen. Nearly halfway through our nationwide lockdown! I’m enjoying the pace but do let me know if it’s too much of a drag. Job is continuing his reply to Eliphaz. Previously: 1:1-5 | 1:6-12 | 1:13-22 | 2:1-6 | 2:7-13 | 3:1-10 | 3:11-26 | 4:1-21 | 5:1-7 | 5:8-27 | 6:1-30 | Translation: 1 Is there not hard service for humanity on earth? And [are] their days like a hired […]

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