A word about Powerpoint in church


Here’s a thought-provoking quote from Tim Challies’s book “The Next Story”:

“It is usually only after a new technology is invented that we use our creativity and ingenuity to find ways of integrating it into our lives. This exacerbates its unintended consequences. If a technology was created specifically for business application and we adapt it to a worship service, we will see that there are some businesslike ideologies wrapped up in that technology (eg when we take PowerPoint from the boardroom to the sanctuary).” – p.62

I’m finding it a fantastic read at the moment, and it’s really challenging me to identify why I use the technologies around me the way I do, and to have almost a theology of technology. Challies draws much of his research from a guy named Neil Postman, a technologist whose work I’d probably be interested in reading in the future too!

– William