Please pray for our church


In God’s providence, this year has turned out to be a real rollercoaster for our home church (Howick Baptist).  In March, our Associate Pastor Joe Fleener  announced that after seeking much counsel and prayer, he had accepted a call to plant a church in Rolleston. I had the privilege of serving alongside him to help  organise  this year’s  Stand Conference, before his family  made the move down at the end of July.

Just last week, our Senior Pastor Peter Somervell informed the church family that  he had accepted a call to lead a  church in Richmond, Nelson (you can read  his announcement here).

This means in the space of less than a year, our church will  have lost two of our  full-time teaching elders.

This will be the first church transition our family will be a part of, and it’s possible  that  our church will be without a Senior Pastor for much of next year.

If you could keep Howick Baptist Church in your prayers, it would be really appreciated.  Specifically, please pray that:

  • That we would trust in God alone, find refuge in the finished work of Jesus Christ, and walk by the Spirit each day
  • Each of  us would  grow in our love for Christ, His Gospel and His church during this time
  • Peter, Francelle and their family would be able to “finish well” and be encouraged and ready to serve at their next church
  • That amid the confusion and questions, we would speak with and about  one another in ways that would glorify God
  • Our elders  and staff would shepherd wisely and care for  the flock through the uncertain months ahead
  • The members of HBC would continue to love and care for one another during the  time of transition, and that we would remain a  community that loves Jesus and proclaims His good news
  • Even now, God would prepare the right person to become the next Senior Pastor, so that the message of grace  and peace  through Jesus Christ may continue to be proclaimed at HBC.


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  1. We really feel for all our brothers and sisters at HBC. This unexpected time of uncertainty cannot be easy to adapt to and we are with you in Spirit as you wait, trust, pray, and seek the Spirit’s leading.
    Love in Christ, the McMahans

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