6 helpful principles of communication

Exchanging life experience by  Pedro Ribeiro Simões

This morning I asked Joe, one of our pastors, a question about how to disagree and critique each other in the right spirit of truth and love (in an online blogging context).

He replied with the following  six principles of biblical communication:

  1. Do I have the facts right? Prov. 18:13
  2. Is this significant enough to talk about, or can I just let it go? 1 Peter 4:8
  3. Is my attitude right? Matt. 7:1-5
  4. Is my timing right? Prov. 15:23
  5. Are the words I am about to use loving? Prov. 15:1
  6. Have I prayed for God’s help? James 1:5

On reading them, I wondered whether these were mentioned in a marriage seminar we’d been in previously, and lo and behold they were

Seeing Our Marriage Through the Grid of the Gospel – Communication

I guess it illustrates that  these principles could be helpful in a wide range of contexts: Christian relationships, Facebook discussions, talking better with your spouse, interacting with family and relatives, dealing with difficult work colleagues and probably heaps of other places (funny, the Bible tends to be helpful like that!)