Quotable: So often worship in our modern day is like…

Kevin Twit, on comparing what we sing in gathered worship with what we say at weddings: “If all you’re singing and ever saying back to God is you want to do, and you’re never focusing on what He’s done and what He promises to do, I think ultimately your worship will be impoverished and your […]

Song recommendation: Holy/Wedding Day by The City Harmonic

I love how succinctly Canadian band The City Harmonic’s lyrics sum up the picture of marriage (to point to Jesus’s love for His Church) in that one sentence: This is the story of the Son of God hanging on a cross for me, But it ends with a bride and groom and a wedding by […]

The story behind Andrew Peterson’s “You Came So Close”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRnGuMPIwZM Andrew Peterson’s “You Came So Close” has lyrics describing someone’s marriage breaking apart through adultery, but then somehow holding together. Some of the lyrics: You could no more kill the darkness Than you could raise the sun And the sky was cold and black Like the barrel of a gun And I remember the […]

Prone to forget our wedding vows

“Do you remember your wedding vows?” Someone asked us this recently. I started with a few words – “Cheryl, I vow… to…” …but then had to stop. I had to admit I couldn’t remember them well. Even though they’re stuck on our fridge door, which we walk past every day! Thankfully, we’re reminded of our […]

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