Wedding in Matakana

Matt and Ursula - Photo by Peter Somervell via Facebook
Yesterday I got the day off work and spent the day with Cheryl, E and others at a wedding. What a beautiful day!

Matt and Ursula (her mum’s an active member at HBC) were a neat picture of Christ and His Church (Eph 5:31-32). Was nice that many friends and family flew over from the UK to be a part. There were many personal touches that we enjoyed and appreciated such as bluebirds on the stationery, guests signing the English flag, bride and groom making their entrance to everyone blowing bubbles, the warm and touching speeches by the parents and the groomsmen.

Another neat thing was that we carpooled up to Matakana (90 minutes drive from East Auckland) with Peter and Francelle and enjoyed two hours of conversation with them – so valuable! Peter presented a concise but sharp message from Gen 2:25 and Colossians 3:12-19, it was very personalised to the wedding couple and so wonderful to see two followers of Jesus making a commitment to image the gospel “till death do us part”.

I also had the privilege of leading a few songs during the ceremony (yes, we had that song I don’t like, but that’s OK!). The best part for me was watching Matt and Ursula sing, and really just joining in with their sung worship. I think when a bride and groom are singing passionately to Jesus with thankful hearts, it speaks volumes, especially in front of family and friends who aren’t Christians.

E was quiet during the service but oh so fidgety – Cheryl had to stop E from pulling the hair of people in front of her, touching their jackets etc. At the receptions, decided for lunch she didn’t want anything but chips either… so we ended her meal early. She got to see real horses (the wedding was held on a country park), a real fireplace, and lots of bubbles!

Love weddings – stressful but beautiful!