“Haere ra” to faithful, successful gospel workers

In our consumerist, results-driven world, it’s easy for Christians to fall into the same mindset as the world regarding success in ministry. Bulging at the seams, super-slick everything, entertaining music, drama, inspiring speakers. I’d like to share an example that I know of a successful ministry. Twelve years ago, John and Mihyon Humphrey moved to […]

Spring is coming

The song “Spring is Coming”, by Steven Curtis Chapman, has been reverberating in my head, and it so happens to be the first day of spring (in the Southern Hemisphere). In this song, Chapman, who lost his adopted 5-year-old daughter in a tragic accident, sings about hope for those who’ve put their faith in the […]

There’s still a lot to learn!

On Friday, we had an enchanting night out to celebrate six months of married life. Dinner at a fine Italian-style restaurant on Cockle Bay, a random interlude of Christ-centred rap music, then an evening of enjoying each other’s company, and reflecting on the amazing partnership, the astounding gift God has given us. Even in just […]

The ear, an engineering marvel

At work this week, I’ve been tasked with diagramming and labelling the anatomy of the ear for an educational project. Not only is it an important organ to have as a worship leader, it’s an amazingly crafted structure of our bodies, and fascinating to study as part of my work. The way each component works […]

Our time in Malaysia

We’ve arrived back from two weeks away in William’s birth town of Kuching, Malaysia. It was an excellent time to really take a breath, get to know the extended family on the Chong side of the tree, and have our spiritual batteries recharged, so to speak. Several observations about Kuching, and Malaysia: It’s hot! Temperatures […]

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