Web curations (23 May)

#Tech The audacious plan to end hunger – An article to make you consider what some of our meals might be like in 2050. A great exploration of a potentially life-giving use of 3D printing (as opposed to printing guns…) How I manage my social media presence – An instructive case study with marketing veteran Guy Kawasaki. […]

US Holiday/WG11 Conference – DC take 2, travelling back, final reflections

DC take 2 We spent another day visiting Washington DC, the capital of the US. We got to see the US Capitol Building, didn’t end up doing the visitor’s tour because of their inconvenient security requirements (no water bottles, even if they’re empty!) A real highlight was visiting the Library of Congress (first seen in […]

US Holiday/WG11 Conference – Covenant life, tears, crepes and goodbyes, Giant groceries

Our learning and growing didn’t stop after the conference. We attended one of Covenant Life’s morning services, had lunch with our UK friends, and checked out music instrument and guitar stores. Covenant life We learnt just as much on Sunday as any of our days at WorshipGod 11. Firstly, we got to obsere first-hand how […]

US Holiday/WG11 Conference – mission-focused meetings, instrument shopping, Sunday meeting

Mission-focused meetings The final day of WorshipGod 11 had one last session, capping off a wonderful end to a wonderful few days. Craig Cabaniss taught us from 1 Peter 2:9, and cautioned against seeing our worship gatherings as a complete break from “the real mission” out there, and showing from Scripture that there is to […]

US Holiday/WG11 Conference – edify, songwrite, organise, gather live

Day 3 of WorshipGod 11. One general session, two more seminars, and an evening of singing for a live album recording. We worship a generous King, showering kindness on us! Edify For the morning session, the worship was led by Sojourn Music. Their songs have a unique indie-folk sound to their songs, and lead using […]

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