Who am I? What is my ‘self’?

In our young adults group on Tuesdays we have been working through the book of Romans. When we were in chapters 6 and 7 there were some great discussions about our true identity as Christians. In chapter 11 of The Cross of Christ, John Stott explains how a Christian’s identity cannot be recognised accurately without […]

Why we don’t believe sin provokes the wrath of God

In Chapter 4 of The Cross of Christ, The Problem of Forgiveness, John Stott identifies five vivid metaphors used in Scripture to illustrate that sin cannot approach God, and God cannot tolerate sin: height (Psalm 7:17), distance (Josh 3:4), light (1 John 1:5), fire (Heb 12:29), and vomiting (Rev 3:16). He continues, “[these] all say […]

Worshipping a crucified man?

Christians are often openly mocked for ascribing honour and worth to Jesus Christ. To skeptics and enemies of Christianity, it seems an absurd idea to worship a Jewish carpenter whose greatest accomplishment (humanly speaking) was to incite a riot and get himself executed. Yet John Stott points out that this derision is not new: “…Whether […]

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